Encouraging people to put Christ back in Christian and to take wealth seeking, comfort seeking, violence, adultery and a whole lot of other un-Christlike things back out.

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Factory Reset Episode 4: Law of Messiah — Something’s very wrong, and many of us know it…

Reading the words of Jesus without any church background or theological training, one get’s the impression that his commandments are of central importance to being a Christian. Yet, this is not the case in most of our churches today. Jesus’s commands are often peripheral at best. We’re often paranoid of “works-righteousness” or of “legalism.” The idea of trying to keep Jesus’ commandments seems like mechanical rule keeping to many evangelicals. But it was considered absolutely essential to the church of the apostles.

Something has gone very wrong. What happened to us?

Please listen with an open mind. Let’s rediscover the royal law that went out from Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago. A beautiful law that set the church apart from the world around them.

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