Encouraging people to put Christ back in Christian and to take wealth seeking, comfort seeking, violence, adultery and a whole lot of other un-Christlike things back out.

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Factory Reset Episode 2: Salvation part 1 — Relationship with Conditions

Many of us have been taught to think of salvation as something Jesus does for us that we do not contribute to. He made a legal transaction for us. We can simply accept it.

But Jesus describes a saving relationship, not a saving legal transaction. And relationships are conditional by nature. We are actually going to have to contribute to our relationship with Jesus if it is going to last. We do not deserve to have a saving relationship with him. But once we have one, there are conditions for remaining in it. Hence, the many warnings throughout the gospels and epistles which are addressed to true believers.

May God help us put aside the Protestant salvation message and recover the teaching of our King. Let’s learn to think and talk like him so that we can become the kind of disciples he produced.

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