Encouraging people to put Christ back in Christian and to take wealth seeking, comfort seeking, violence, adultery and a whole lot of other un-Christlike things back out.

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Factory Reset Episode 1: The Teaching of The Son of God — The Journey of Salvation

Many of us have been told that salvation is simply a matter of trusting in a legal transaction Jesus made for us. Yes, there is a process of sanctification that we go through. But it’s an incredibly slow process. And besides, it’s not about what we do, but what Jesus has done for us. Right?

Jesus doesn’t think that way about salvation at all. His message is far more exciting, far more sobering, and far more costly. If we will drop the false gospel of Protestantism and recover the gospel of Jesus and his apostles, our lives are going to be changed in the kind of way you read about in the scriptures. Making that transition is both exciting and uncomfortable.

Are we ready to pick up a cross of our own and walk the path Jesus carved out for us? It’s the only path that leads to his kingdom.

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